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Match with the right partner to increase the value of your asset or supplement your product portfolio.

Strategic Marketing

Position and (re-)define your organization or product to improve company performance.

Start-up Consulting

Develop and complement your knowledge and skills to grow your business.

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berlin bioVentures

berlin bioVentures is a business development consultancy specialized in the healthcare and life science industry. We provide strategic consultancy and operative business development for SMEs active in the areas of pharma, biotech and medical devices.

We identify and implement strategic partnerships and R&D collaborations that create long-term value for our international clients. Being embedded in one of Europe’s leading life science hubs, we integrate business development, strategic marketing consultancy, as well as start-up support.

berlin bioVentures’ aspiration is to promote emergent technology-driven companies to translate their ideas into marketable products or services. We do this by dedicating our expertise to our customer’s endeavors and by providing access to a solid international network of industry stakeholders and specialists.

Business Development

Key aspects of business development are the creation of long-term value between two organizations, and building, managing and leveraging relationships that are based on trust and mutual appreciation. This will increase the likelihood of a product or technology to take advantage of the opportunities within a given market. As a prerequisite, the disposition to let another party participate on one’s own success will maximize the financial benefit for both.

Implementation of strategic partnerships in order to foster innovation and to accelerate the development of commercializable products and technologies has become one of the major objectives of business development in healthcare and life science companies.

berlin bioVentures pursues to support emergent technology driven companies through its expertise in operative business development, strategic consulting and a broad international network of industry stakeholders.

85% of your financial success is due to your personality and to your ability to communicate, negotiate or lead. Shockingly only 15% is due to technical knowledge

Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1918


  • Target product profile positioning and differentiation.
  • Partnering strategy and outreach.
  • Definition of deal structure, timelines and milestones of the process.
  • Market analysis and forecasting.
  • Deal valuing and financial deal modeling
  • Preparation of non-confidential presentation/brochure and confidential prospectus.
  • Term sheet/LOI
  • Negotiation from deal preparation to final agreement.

Strategic Marketing

berlin bioVentures enables its clients to develop a clear and comprehensive business strategy from value definition to value transfer of a commercializable product or service.

Biotechnology is a key technology, the need for innovation and technological advances are the main drivers of any company in this field. However, a business’ road to success begins with a solid strategy and its rigorous execution throughout the entire organization.

A well thought out marketing strategy redetermines the market in terms of the needs and demands of the target customer segments and how they can be met through a company’s offer and capabilities. Wrong assumptions deduced from the internal and external analyses can lead to a strategy that is bound to fail.

The development of solid strategic options and the consistent execution of the most promising one to achieve defined business goals are essential for all subsequent actions of any endeavour.

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

André Gide (French author, 1869-1951)


  • Definition of market potential
  • Customer segmentation & prioritization
  • External & internal analysis
  • Marketing objectives & strategic options
  • Marketing planning & control

Start-up consulting

berlin bioVentures will support you in positioning your company into the most promising target segments according to your capabilities and USPs. As an extension of your internal team berlin bioVentures will actively cooperate with you with dedication to your team and commitment to your goals in order to streamline your activities towards a customer-focussed company orientation and also coach you in order to develop your professional skills.

The enthusiasm to translate scientific innovations into a commercialized product or service is what drives researchers to embark on a journey into the unknown. However, the way to success requires expertise and resources that an entrepreneur does not necessarily have.

A thorough market analysis to understand the opportunities therein, as well as the needs and demands of future customers is a pivotal step that must never be underestimated. Understandably enough, there are many more considerations to be described in a consistent and complete business plan including a multi-annual finance plan that enables the start-up to operate.

An international experienced network of experts is accessible to you as needed to complement your internal expertise, e.g. in terms of patent strategy, freedom to operate analysis (FTO-Analysis), recruiting and more.

In addition the need for financing your technological developments and the search for a matching strategic partner is an area where berlin bioVentures can bring its network of international stakeholders into play.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world

Albert Einstein (German physicist, 1879-1955)


  • Market analysis and market potential of your product or service.
  • Business plan and financial plan
  • Investment letter and company presentations
  • Selection of suitable investors and mediation
  • Mediation and negotiation of strategic partnerships
  • Coaching business administration, sales and leadership

Whitepapers & Events


We will inform you here about forthcoming trends, developments and news from the industry.


20.06.2017, Berlin, Germany BIONNALE is the largest networking event for life sciences and healthcare industries in the German capital region. Representatives from academia and industry attend the annual life sciences event in Berlin to identify, engage and start strategic relationships. The networking character is one strength of BIONNALE with more than 900 attendees from over […]

BioEurope Spring

12.03.-14.03.2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands With a focus on European innovation and global collaboration, BIO-Europe Spring is the premier springtime partnering conference bringing together a “whoʼs who” from biotech, pharma and finance in the most innovative biopharma clusters in Europe.

berlin bioVentures


Since 2003 I’ve been working in the healthcare and life science industry in companies ranging from big pharma to small and medium sized biotechnology and medical devices companies. My professional career is based on various positions in business development, strategic and operative marketing, sales and project management. A broad knowledge of our industry and a strong commitment to healthcare and life sciences is what drives me in order to make advances in drug development and new technologies accessible to the public.

Based on this profound experience I founded berlin bioVentures in 2013 which acts as a business-development consultancy for the healthcare and life science industry offering services in business development, strategic consulting, marketing and start-up support.

berlin bioVentures pursues to be a reliable resource of competence in strategy development and strategy implementation for small and medium sized companies in the fields of biopharmaceutical drug development, diagnostics and medical devices.

Together with an excellent international business network that I farsightedly built up, I make this network accessible and support your endeavours as part of your team.

I am a biologist by training with a phD in neuroscience. The link between a scientific background, a business-driven attitude and a profound experience in our industry is representing one of the key benefits for your business goals.

Dr. Dimitri Gimnopoulos

Dr. Dimitri Gimnopoulos

berlin bioVentures
Albrechtstasse 45
12103 Berlin

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